Montejinni Project

Montejinni Project


The Montejinni Project, located near Top Springs in the Northern Territory has abundant anecdotal and physical evidence of copper rich float within the tenement location. Historical data has been collated and reviewed from previous site work undertaken between 1968 and 1997 by Renison Goldfields, Stockdale, Tipperary Land Corporation and Metals Exploration. The data has a directly northwest trending and likely structurally controlled 20 kilometre long geochemical copper anomaly which appears to be associated with a magnetic trend.

Amalgamation of the data has produced a new exploration target with potential for a significant high grade poly metallic (copper & zinc) deposit. Due to the number and age of the various sources, many features are not available that would enable verification and validation of the historical data and therefore a systematic, modern exploration approach is required to locate and define the prospective portion of the historic copper‐zinc anomaly.

High grade copper samples have been taken from costeans within the Montejinni Project area, including results of 21.7%, 11.5% and 10.2%. Copper occurrences are observed at the contact between the Montejinni limestone and the Kalkarindji volcanic suite but little systematic exploration has been carried out to determine whether mineralisation persists along this contact or has been sourced from volcanic vents or similar feeder zones. Such feeder zones would also be prospective for nickel – PGE (platinum group element) mineralisation.

Tempus intends to systematically explore the Montejinni Project using ground gravity and surface geochemical surveys to delineate targets for drilling.